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Driftwood Wedding Ideas List of 20 Driftwood Wedding Ideas

Looking for driftwood wedding ideas for your driftwood theme wedding, beach theme wedding, or nautical theme wedding?

Question: Once you’ve selected a few driftwood wedding ideas from the list of 20 driftwood wedding ideas below or from anywhere else, what to do next?
Answer: Find someone or a place that supplies driftwood wedding items, or someone or a place who can make the driftwood wedding items for you, or go to the beach and collect driftwood, or find someone or a place that sells driftwood pieces, and then make the driftwood wedding items yourself.

List of 20 Driftwood Wedding Ideas

driftwood wedding necklace pendant

driftwood wedding necklace pendant

Driftwood Jewellery Items for Bride, Bridesmaids and Flower Girls

Little flower girls could wear driftwood necklaces – much like kiddies macaroni necklaces – drill holes through small pieces of driftwood and thread them onto string or elasticized nylon. These driftwood necklaces, especially the ones on elasticized nylon, may also be perfect as wedding head garlands and for attaching a wedding veil to. For necklaces for the bride and bridesmaids a single driftwood pendant should look smart, hanging from a silver chain, or hanging from thin leather cord in a natural or earthy colour.

Small pendants can be made from cutting a length of driftwood into slices, or from slicing a small piece off the side of a larger piece of driftwood. The driftwood pendant can be decorated by adding beads or gemstones or crystals to it – or inside it if you cut a central hole into your pendant.

Driftwood planks for driftwood wedding signs

Driftwood planks for driftwood wedding signs – driftwood planks of about 30cm in length each can be used to make wedding signs for a beach wedding, or for a wedding with a nautical or rustic theme. There are a wide variety of driftwood pieces at

Driftwood Plank Wedding Signs
Help wedding guests find their way around with your gorgeous driftwood plank wedding signs. Burn the words onto your wedding signs, or use a permanent marker or paint. You could also glue letters onto the driftwood plank wedding signs – letters made from string, sisal, narrow strips or ribbon or hessian (burlap), or from small pieces of driftwood. Point your guests in the direction of the loos, the buffet table, the wedding guest registrar, their tables, the dance floor, or anything else that needs pointing at – you could include some fun wedding signs too. Stand the poles of your signs in buckets of sand or beach pebbles, or in buckets jammed full with driftwood pieces.

Small driftwood Christmas tree

Small driftwood Christmas tree – a hanging driftwood Christmas tree about 35cm in height.

Driftwood Christmas Trees if the Wedding is in Late November or in December
When wedding guests leave, they can collect their wedding favours from your driftwood Christmas tree or trees. These wedding favours might be driftwood Christmas tree ornaments or small driftwood mobiles hanging from the branches of your driftwood Christmas tree or trees. Small driftwood Christmas trees may make nice wedding table centrepiece – hang flowers or miniature vases or little glass bottles (with flowers in them) from the branches, and perhaps also decorate the trees with flowering creepers, or vines, or greenery. Your driftwood Christmas trees can either hang or stand in buckets filled with sand, beach pebbles or pieces of driftwood.

Wedding flowers with driftwood or sticks

Wedding flowers with driftwood or sticks

Driftwood Floral Arrangements
Add at least a few twisted, curved, or thin and straight pieces of driftwood to your wedding floral arrangements, or have the driftwood floral arrangements consisting mostly of driftwood pieces and only very few flowers. Using small pieces of driftwood you could have baby driftwood floral arrangements next to your larger and main driftwood floral arrangements.

Driftwood Wedding Table Centrepieces
Your driftwood wedding table centrepieces could simply consist of any other type of wedding table centrepiece, but it could have the bottom part of it slightly obscured from view by wrapping or arranging driftwood pieces around it- or even place a slightly larger piece either side of your wedding table centrepiece, or even around all four sides. Or you could actually insert your flowers and other wedding floral arrangement items into cracks in the driftwood pieces, or into holes you’ve cut into the pieces (or put tiny vases into the cracks or holes).

Driftwood Wedding Favours for your Wedding Guests
Some of the other driftwood wedding ideas items in this list could also be wedding favours, like the votive candle holders or the coasters, but if you’d like your wedding guests to have separate driftwood wedding favours, then some ideas could include driftwood keyrings (attach a small and cute piece of driftwood to a keyring), or a mini driftwood mobile (thread two to four small pieces of driftwood onto string, ribbon or other thread, adding a hook or loop at the top). Your driftwood wedding favours could also be something as simple as small pieces (one for each wedding guest) with a label attached saying thank you and displaying the wedding couple’s names, or the “thank you” and the wedding couples names could even be painted onto the little pieces, or burnt onto them.

Driftwood Votive Candle Holders
You could use just one type of various driftwood votive candle holders or several different types: ordinary small votive candle holders inserted into holes you’ve cut into a long piece of fairly thick driftwood with a flattish bottom (and lay the piece down on the table horizontally), an ordinary small votive candle holder inserted into the top of a piece of you’ve cut a hole into on one end (so that the piece of driftwood looks like a candle), or wrap small and fairly straight pieces around an ordinary votive candle holder, securing the pieces with glue and lace ribbon or organza ribbon.

Driftwood Table Runners
If you’re making your driftwood table runners yourself, the length of the driftwood pieces is not too important as you can cut off the ends to have them all align nicely (if that’s what you want – you may decide to be a little arty, creative or different and have the edges of your driftwood table runners displaying different lengths of driftwood – as long as some shorter ones are not so short that they can’t be secured to the ones either side of them). What’s more important than the length of each piece in your driftwood table runner is that the pieces are fairly straight and are of similar thickness, so that anything you rest on top of the table runner doesn’t wobble too much! You could of course rest something small and flat on top of the table runner here and there, and put whatever you want to on top of that.

Driftwood Place Mats
Use fairly thin or small pieces of driftwood to make place mats. Either stick the pieces onto an existing place mat, or stick pieces together to form a rectangle. Use strong glue, and pieces that are of similar thickness (height, when lying down). You could also make your driftwood place mats like you made your table runner – with the pieces all lying alongside each other, with sisal or string joining them to each other on either side of the place mat, so no glue would be needed.

Driftwood Coasters
Made in much the same way that the place mats are made, except perhaps with smaller pieces of driftwood. Another way to make driftwood coasters is where a fairly straight piece of driftwood, that has a circumference slightly bigger than the bottom of most glasses, is cut into slices.

Driftwood Baskets for the Flower Girls
Glue or nail pieces of driftwood together to form the shape of a small basket (round, oval, square or rectangular) with a handle too. Decorate it with flowers and vines and ribbon. Make sure no nails are poking out that may injure the little flower girls’ hands.

Driftwood Knife for Cutting the Wedding Cake
Wrap fairly straight and thin driftwood pieces around the handle of the wedding cake knife, securing tightly, neatly and prettily with perhaps sisal, and with ribbon. You could also remove the handle of an existing wedding cake knife, and then insert the back part of the blade into the crevice you’ve made in just one driftwood piece, securing it there with small screws.

Driftwood Pen for Wedding Guests to Sign the Wedding Register
A driftwood pen can be made in the same way that the driftwood wedding cake knife handle is made (wrap pieces around a pen, or insert the pen into a deep hole you’ve made in a single piece of driftwood, and secure it there.

Driftwood Wedding Invitations
Stick a small piece of driftwood onto each wedding invitation and you have driftwood wedding invitations! Or, get a bit more creative and do some more planning and work, and use actual slices of driftwood as your actual wedding invitations, gluing your cardboard or paper wedding invitation to them, or even actually writing directly on the driftwood piece. Or make a miniature driftwood table runner and attach your wedding invitation to that. Or make little driftwood sailboats with your wedding invitation words on the sails.

Large Driftwood Wall Hanging as a Backdrop for Some of the Wedding Photos
Use a strong glue, or tie the pieces onto a material backing such as hessian, linen or curtaining material. Add small wire loops to the back of the pieces if tying them so that you can tie the pieces on through the loops and material, so that no knots or thread will be visible when viewing the wall hanging from the front. Either allow bits of the material to be visible in the background behind the driftwood pieces, or fill up tiny gaps with smaller pieces of driftwood. Even overlap a few pieces if this makes it easier or appeals to you, but lay all the pieces in the same direction so that the entire driftwood wall hanging can be rolled up for transporting or storing purposes.

Driftwood Box for the Wedding Gifts
Either make a driftwood box entirely from driftwood pieces, or wrap an existing box (even a strong cardboard one) with pieces. You can make smaller driftwood boxes by wrapping driftwood table runners around smaller boxes, or by using a driftwood table runner formed into a square or rectangle, but also adding a driftwood bottom to it.

Driftwood Vases
No matter how tall or short some vases are, they can be covered in driftwood pieces by wrapping fairly straight driftwood pieces all around the vases. Secure the pieces around the vases in any way you like – perhaps with lace or organza ribbon, or even with something more neutral or natural like sisal, hemp, or strips of hessian. For a rustic or upcycled look, use empty beer bottles as your vases – with the neck part of the bottles sticking out above the topmost pieces of driftwood around the beer bottles.

Driftwood Wedding Arch
A driftwood wedding arch can be used anywhere, really, but is perfect for a beach wedding on a sandy beach. Use 6 sturdy, large and long driftwood pieces (2 at each side and 2 across the top) and then entwine or add smaller pieces of driftwood across the entire thing to form a driftwood wedding arch. Decorate the driftwood wedding arch with flowers, creepers and vines. Hang vases of flowers from it too – even perhaps just using simple empty beer bottles as vases for a rustic or upcycled look.

Driftwood Beach Wedding Stepping Stones
Since driftwood beach wedding stepping stones are going to be stepped on, they can’t simply be larger versions of driftwood place mats, where the driftwood pieces are perhaps just glued together. You can use glue, but also nail the driftwood pieces together, to form square or slightly rectangular driftwood stepping stones. Driftwood stepping stones can be used indoors or outdoors at a wedding with any theme, but they are perfect for use at a beach wedding (a beach wedding actually held on the beach) where the stepping stones can be positioned nicely in the sand, helping to prevent them from shifting when somebody steps on them.

Driftwood Beach Wedding Pathway Edging
Driftwood beach wedding pathway edging can be used on its own or on either side of driftwood beach wedding stepping stones. Use driftwood table runners positioned on their side, one after the other, to form your driftwood beach wedding pathway edges, or, if getting married on the beach, simply stick individual pieces into the sand to form the edges of your pathway, as close to or as distanced from each other as you like. Whether your driftwood theme wedding, beach theme wedding or nautical theme wedding is indoors or out, or is on the beach, you could also simply scatter driftwood pieces in two long rows to form your pathway edging.

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